About Marico

Our FamilyI’m Marico Sayoc. Having grown up in a Navy family, with a father who served our country all over the world, I realized many years ago that I wanted to put down roots and raise my family in a community I could call home.

When my husband Jeff and I discovered Los Gatos, I immediately knew this was the place.

We have two children. Our son Quincy is a 4th grader at Blossom HillIt is time to vote!
Elementary School, and our daughter Isabella is a 7th grader at Fisher Middle School. They absolutely love everything about Los Gatos, from the sports they’ve played, to the time they spent in Adventure Guides and Girl Scouts, to participating in school choirs and plays (not to mention Music in the Park and the occasional visit to Icing on the Cake).

The Town has proven to be everything we hoped it would be, and much more.

My journey to Los Gatos was several years in the making. After graduating from Cal, I was fortunate enough to receive a fellowship to Duke University where I earned a master’s degree.  As part of my graduate studies, I spent a year as a Fellow at the H. John Heinz III Center for Science, Economics, and the Environment in Washington, DC.

I then went to work for the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the Office of International Affairs. My responsibilities included implementing cross-border environmental initiatives under NAFTA, representing the EPA on the Board of Directors for the Border Environment Cooperation Commission and the North American Development Bank, and representing the EPA at National Security Council meetings on US-Mexico environmental issues.

From the EPA, I went into program management for the Natural Resources Defense Council, working with the United Nations Environment Programme to develop and manage an action plan for reducing global mercury pollution.

However, as much as I enjoyed my time in Washington DC, my heart was in California. Both Jeff and I have extensive family and many dear friends here. When we decided to move back to California, we considered many communities, but none felt quite right until we visited Los Gatos. The Town’s charm and beauty, great schools, amazing trails, and friendly people made it irresistible.

After moving here, I immersed myself in everything the Town had to offer. Just a few months after arriving, I participated in the Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Los Gatos program. I co-managed the Children’s Democracy Project for the local chapter of the League of Women Voters. And when my daughter decided she wanted to play volleyball, I coached her team as a volunteer for the United States Youth Volleyball League.

Along the way, I decided to get involved more formally in Town government. I’m currently in my eighth year on the Planning Commission, having served a year as Chair and a year as Vice Chair.

My other work on behalf of the Town has included serving on these committees:

  • Chair, Housing Element Advisory Board
  • Chair, General Plan Committee
  • Conceptual Development Advisory Committee
  • Historic Preservation Committee
  • North 40 Advisory Committee
  • Sustainability Committee

Marico and QuincyI have also worked hard on behalf of our incredible schools.

I serve on the Blossom Hill Elementary School Site Council. I’ve been a room parent many times over, and I’ve been able to volunteer and support numerous education programs, including:

  • Blossom Hill Home and School Club
  • Los Gatos Education Foundation
  • Project Cornerstone
  • R.J. Fisher Home and School Club

I am now a candidate for Los Gatos Town Council because there is so much more I want to do for the people of this Town.

I want to help ensure that Los Gatos remains the vibrant, beautiful, wonderful town that attracts families from around the world. My energy, my passion for this Town, my respect for the 30,000 residents who call Los Gatos home, and my lengthy career in public service both nationally and locally have brought me to this point.

Thank you for taking time to learn a bit more about me. I ask for your vote and your support.