As your council member, my priorities will include easing traffic, increasing collaboration between the Town and its many school districts, encouraging and supporting projects that are consistent with the Town’s General Plan, enhancing the vibrancy of Los Gatos, and making sure every neighborhood and every voice is represented.

  • Easing traffic is essential for protecting our quality of life as well as our small-town charm.
  • Collaboration with our 5 school districts is vital to ensure we give all our children every opportunity to succeed in an increasingly competitive world, and to protect the investments that thousands of families have made in their homes, regardless of whether they have children in our public schools.
  • Listening to Neighborhood ConcernsOur General Plan protects the character of Los Gatos by balancing reasonable development with realistic considerations of the impact development will have on traffic, safety, Town services, and our quality of life.
  • Los Gatos is blessed with a vibrant local economy, but we cannot take it for granted. Critical decisions are upcoming regarding the future of the North 40, Downtown, Blossom Hill Road, Los Gatos Blvd., and many other areas. These decisions must be made with an eye on the long-term vibrancy of our Town so our local businesses can thrive.
  • Los Gatos is a diverse community. Senior living, historic neighborhoods, apartment complexes, five distinct school districts, bustling streets, rural lanes, and so much more. The Town Council must give voice and representation to the needs of everyone in Los Gatos.

With my energy and many years of experience in public service at both the national and local levels, I can provide strong leadership on these issues and help our community address the many challenges we will face as we build a brighter future.